Baby Stroller Buyer’s Guide

Mark Preston

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life, but there’s no doubt that preparing for the arrival can be quite stressful. One of the most important purchases you’ll need to make is a new baby stroller, which will allow you to go out and about with your little one. Strollers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, which means the choices can often be very overwhelming. Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to consider when purchasing a new baby stroller so that you and your baby will be comfortable at all times.

Working with Your Budget

There’s no denying that having a baby can be one of the most expensive moments in your life. While you are probably so excited about your new arrival, it’s important to budget ahead of time for this special moment to ensure your finances aren’t overstretched. A baby stroller can set you back hundreds of dollars, but you’ll find there are some great budget-friendly options on the market today. As with any expensive purchase, you’ll want to think about what you are looking for in a stroller. If you are happy to choose a basic model which doesn’t fold away or is a little larger, you can find some great options without spending a fortune on this process.

The Size of the Stroller

The size of the stroller will often have a big impact on the price, but the smaller and more compact models are often much more pricey. Most parents today are looking for a very portable solution that they can easily fold away to place in the car. Another consideration is whether you have multiple children, as if you are having twins, you’ll need to find a solution that can fit both of them or opt for two separate strollers. The size of the stroller can help to make your experience much more pleasant, as when you are pushing around something that’s smaller, it’s easier to enjoy your walk around the local neighbourhood. 

The Weight of the Stoller

Alongside the size of the stroller, you’ll need to consider the weight of the stroller. There’s nothing worse than having to lift a heavy stroller in and out of the car whenever you are going out, but unfortunately, many of the more bulky models are very heavy. Look for a stroller that’s marked lightweight if this is something you are particularly concerned about. You’ll find that the material your new stroller is made from will have a big impact on the weight of the stroller, so try to look for materials that will make for a more portable solution.

The Type of Stroller

If you are having your first child, you may not know that strollers come in all shapes and sizes. Firstly, you’ll find full-sized strollers, which will be one of the largest options on the market. Lightweight or umbrella strollers are more portable and easier to fold up and put into your car. For those of you with two young children or twins, look out for a double stroller that will accommodate both of your kids.

For anyone who loves to keep fit, there are special strollers designed for jogging. These jogging strollers will allow you to go on your run without your baby feeling the motion or any pain from the ground below you. This is a great way to keep fit after giving birth, which is a top priority for many new parents. Finally, you’ll find car seat carriers and travel systems, which allow you to take your little one on adventures with you. Of course, some baby strollers won’t perfectly fit into any of these categories and may cross over between two of the categories.

Are Baby Strollers Okay for Newborns?

When you first welcome your new baby to your family, you will want to take extra care when choosing a baby stroller combo. You’ll want to look for a stroller with a deep recline or a bassinet mode, which will allow you to place your baby inside from the day you leave the hospital. You won’t even need any extra accessories with these types of strollers, as they are designed for newborns. However, some models are designed for infants, who will have a little more control over their neck and can nearly sit up alone. Make sure you look out for the recommended age when you are choosing a stroller, as this will ensure that it’s suitable for your little one.

A baby stroller is one of the first purchases parents usually consider after decorating the nursery. This is an excellent tool to allow you to adventure outdoors with your little one and enjoy exploring the world around you. Many parents find the baby stroller to be one of the best tools for keeping fit and active following the arrival of their little one, which can be a huge challenge for parents. You’ll find that a daily walk around your neighbourhood can do you and your baby the world of good, which is why we recommend investing in a baby stroller straight away. Look for the age recommendation when purchasing any items for babies, as they will ensure you choose a safe and secure solution that will protect your baby for many months at a time.