How to Choose a Digital Photo Frame for Your Home

Mark Preston

Most of us rely on our mobile phones today to take photos, which means we often never bother putting them on display around our homes. However, with so many special memories hidden within our phones, it seems such a waste to not put these happy times on display around our home. That’s where digital photo frames come in handy. Today we’re going to look at everything you need to know about digital photo frames and how you can select the best one for displaying images around your house.

How Does a Digital Photo Frame Work?

How your digital photo frame works will be dependent on the type of photo frame you purchase. Digital photo frames are different from traditional photo frames, as they rely on a digital screen to showcase your photo. The most basic photo frames use a USB port, which you’ll connect to your computer to drag over the images you want to display on your new frame. However, nowadays, you’ll find some Wi-fi photo frames on the market, which makes this process much easier. This will mean you can constantly update your photo frame without worrying about filling up the internal memory that older models may have.

The Size of Your Photo Frame

When it comes to selecting a digital photo frame, you’ll find these are generally pretty small. You will want to find one that’s big enough to showcase your photos properly, without it being too big to take up a lot of space on your kitchen or living room surfaces. You may want to consider purchasing multiple photo frames for your home after testing them out, especially if you are a keen photographer who can often be found out and about with your digital camera. It will be entirely up to you how big the frame is, but generally, they’ll be somewhere in the 8-10” range.

The Quality of the Screen

Digital photo frames have come a long way since their initial release over a decade ago. Today, you’ll find high-quality frames which have screens that can compete with some of the best smartphones on the market. If the quality of the screen is your top priority, consider opting for a device such as the Facebook Portal, which combines a video calling device with a digital screen. While these devices may be a little more pricey than the most basic frames on the market, you’ll find you enjoy a wide selection of features for the price. This device also will link up with your social media accounts, making it easier to showcase the photos you’ve already uploaded online around your home.

The Style of the Screen

While the screen itself is likely to look the same on most digital photo frames, consider the colour of the frame surrounding the screen. If you have a very pretty home, you probably don’t want a chunky black frame that won’t match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. However, if you use a modern and bold design in your home, look for something that’s a little bigger and bolder to match the aesthetic. It’s all about comparing your options and seeing which best suits your needs. You’ll find some frames are very slim with only a small frame surrounding the screen, which can look lovely on very minimalistic surfaces.

Extra Features on Digital Photo Frames

While you may think the only thing a digital photo frame can do is display images, you’ll find that some of the top options on the market today actually have even more to offer users. Some digital photo frames can display a wide selection of image files, including BMP and TIFF images, instead of just the standard JPEG images. On top of that, you’ll find fun features such as music or spoken words, which can be added over the top of the display of your photos. This can help to bring your photos to life in a whole new way and make displaying your photos around your home even more fun for guests to view. If this is something that you are particularly interested in, look for photo frames that have a built-in speaker. As so many digital cameras can take video as well, it’s a great option to share everything you’ve captured on a recent vacation.

One of the things we are often asked about digital photo frames is how they can rotate images that have a different orientation. Some frames automatically orientate images and rotate them so that they appear the right way around. You’ll also find frames that can resize your images automatically so that you have an aesthetically pleasing display as it rotates through your images. Also, look out for photo frames that offer a wide range of basic features, such as an alarm clock.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a digital photo frame for your home. Regardless of where you are planning to place your new digital photo frame, it’s a fun way to enjoy displaying your photos of your family and your previous vacations. Instead of forcing your images to stay hidden in your phone for many years, you’ll be able to show your photos off to family and friends who visit your home. You’ll love looking back fondly on special times in your life, and you can continue adding to your frame after each adventure your family takes.