Protect Your New Phone with a Stylish Phone Case

Daniel Wellington

After spending so much money on a new phone, one of the most important accessories you could add is a phone case. Our phones are used all day, every day, which means there’s a strong chance of them being dropped or scratched in your bag. For this reason, we always recommend buying a phone case to look after your phone. Let’s take a look at the key considerations you need to think about before purchasing a phone case.

Working With Your Budget

The great news about searching for a phone case is that they are available for all budgets. You can find many options under the $20 range, which will ensure your phone is protected without spending too much following your phone purchase. However, if you fancy something that will protect your smartphone while also adding a stylish accessory, consider choosing a personalised phone case. While these will set you back a little more cost-wise, you’ll love having a unique case like no one else. Of course, we’ve all seen the designer phone cases that celebrities have, so if money is no issue for you, this is also another option.

The Size of Your Phone

Phone cases are designed to fit specific phone models, such as an iPhone 11. You can’t just order a random phone case and hope that it will fit. Instead, you need to ensure you choose the exact make and model for your phone so that it will fit snuggly to your device. There’s no point in having a phone case that will fall off your phone or risk damaging the phone, as this completely defeats the object of making this purchase in the first place. When you are viewing a listing online, ensure you select the right size of phone, so your case fits perfectly.

Choosing the Style of Your Phone Case

Another consideration when choosing your phone case is the style of case you are opting for. We always recommend choosing a phone case that will cover the back of your phone, but you may also want to upgrade to add a phone case that adds a cover to the front. If you do opt to just choose a clip-on phone case that covers the back of your phone, you may want to add a screen protector to the front of the phone. This will be a sticker that covers the front of the phone but is see-through, so you can still press the buttons and use all of the functions on your new phone.

If you don’t mind a slightly bigger phone case to hold, opt for one which covers the front and back of your phone. This will give you peace of mind if you are carrying your phone around all day in your bag, as it will stop keys or anything sharp from scratching the front of your phone. On top of that, you will find some phone cases that allow you to add bank cards and other accessories inside, so it acts almost like a wallet. This is great for anyone who likes to go out with as few possessions as possible, as you’ll be able to just take your phone and case for your days out.

Phone Case Materials

Phone cases come in a wide selection of materials today, including plastic, metal, and leather. All of these materials are highly durable, but when it comes to plastic cases, make sure they are thick and strong. Avoid a flimsy case that is likely to scratch or crack, as you’ll need to replace it within a few months of its first use. Leather is a good option for cases that also include cardholders and are ideal for placing inside your bag. Metal cases can create a stylish cover for your phone and are ideal for anyone who is looking for a clip-on case to add to the back of your phone.

The Design and Colour of Your Case

One of the most fun things about selecting a phone case is choosing the design and colour of your case. You’ll find an unlimited selection of colours and designs to choose from. You could choose a pretty case with a floral design or something featuring your favourite characters from movies and television shows. You’ll want to use your imagination when searching for phone cases online, so you can find a case that suits your personality and interests. We use our phones all day, every day, so why not choose a design that will bring a smile to your face each day. You’ll also love seeing the pretty case during a busy working day that will help to keep you motivated. Motivational quotes are also a fun idea, as you’ll feel inspired every time you see your phone.

A phone case is an essential purchase whenever you upgrade your phone. You won’t need to worry about placing it in your bag or pocket and it getting scratched, and instead, you’ll be able to go anywhere without worrying about your phone. Your phone is a chance to show off your personality and style, so choose a fun case that showcases what you love most in life. You’ll love pulling your phone out when you are with friends and family, and you’ll enjoy showing off your new phone to the world without worrying about damaging it.