Take Your Photos to New Heights with a Drone

Daniel Wellington

Are you ready to take your photos to new heights this year? If so, we encourage you to think about purchasing a drone. Over the past few years, these have become one of the most popular tools for photographers and videographers, and they allow you to capture any building, city, or landscape from above. They create unique images that will wow anyone who sees them, offering you a bird’s eye perspective of the world around us. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about purchasing and operating a drone in your local area.

What Type of Drone Should You Purchase?

When it comes to purchasing a drone, the first consideration will be what type of drone you are looking to buy. This will be very dependent on your budget, and the more you are willing to spend on your drone, the more advanced technology you will be able to benefit from. If you are just looking to purchase a lower-priced drone, you’ll find some great fun models that are great for just using at home or in your garden.

For anyone who is investing in a drone for professional use or who is a particularly keen photographer, look for professional use drones or advanced drones. These will be quite a costly purchase but will allow you to fly your drone high above buildings to capture beautiful images like you’ve probably seen online before. Camera drones come in a few different types, including amateur drones, racing drones, and basic camera drones. Finally, there are also what’s described as beginner drones, which will be at the lower end of the price scale but are a good option if you are just looking to try one out for the first time.

Professional Use Drones

Professional drones are mainly used by pilots who are qualified and experienced at using this type of device. They make filming and flying easy for professionals and are a good option for anyone who is looking to invest in this tool for their business. Expect features such as GPS and precise controllers that will create results you’ll be excited to share online and in publications. They usually have the option of changing cameras and lenses, so you can add various pieces of equipment to ensure you get the results you desire. Some even offer 4K footage, meaning they lead the way when it comes to the technology on offer for drones. They should also have a long battery life, meaning you can enjoy more time in the air.

Basic Camera Drones

For anyone who is just looking to purchase a drone to have a fun piece of equipment to play around with in their home, we recommend looking at basic camera drones. They will still offer good flying abilities, which will help you get used to operating a drone for the first time. You may be surprised how powerful some of these devices are, and while they use more basic technologies, they usually have an adjustable camera and collision avoidance features. The one thing to keep in mind with more basic models is that you will likely receive a low-resolution camera built in to the model, which may not take the high-quality photos you expect.

Battery Life

One of the top considerations when purchasing any electronic device is the battery life. Drones are known for having a much shorter battery life than other camera devices, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when going out for the day with your new drone. Of course, if you invest in an advanced or professional drone, these will have a longer battery life, which you can use to capture a collection of images of the area you are in. Make sure the drone you purchase has a clear display that warns you when the battery level is getting low, or you may be left in an awkward situation without any battery to operate your drone. Also, check out how you’ll charge your drone with live video and photo capabilities to make sure it’s a simple solution that will be easy to set up in your home or office.

How High Can Drones Fly?

Another commonly asked question about drones is how high you can fly them. Most consumer drones have a range of between 500 and 1000 metres. However, more advanced and professional models may even be able to travel 2 km above the ground. One thing you need to keep in mind is the local flying guidelines. Many countries don’t allow you to fly as high as some of the top models would allow, so you wouldn’t even be able to take advantage of this feature. Therefore, it may not even be worth the investment if you can’t take your drone as high as it can go.

There’s a lot to think about when purchasing a drone, and the first step should always be reading up on the local drone flying laws and regulations for your country. After that, you’ll be able to determine which model is worth purchasing. Drones span a wide range of budgets, so you’ll want to think about how much you are willing to invest in this purchase if it’s your first time buying a drone. Whichever model you buy, you’ll be impressed by the incredible results you’ll see and the unique images you’ll be able to capture from high above the ground.